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Vantage Rehab... life is waiting

Just like choosing where to seek medical treatment or where to have your prescriptions filled, you may choose where you receive your physical and occupational therapy.

Vantage Rehab is an outpatient physical and occupational therapy clinic located at 500 N Broad Street Shenandoah, Iowa, 51601. We accept most insurances including Medicare and Medicaid.

Lymphedema to injuries (work or sports), chronic or acute conditions, Vantage Rehab is here to help you.

It is the Mission of Vantage Rehab to provide excellence in patient centered rehabilitation while upholding the highest moral and ethical standards.

Vantage Rehab 500 N Broad Street Shenandoah, IA

Open the door to a better quality of life. Let Vantage Rehab with our knowledgeable and experienced staff, help you on your road to recovery.

Vantage Rehab... Life is Waiting